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lotus eater knitting pattern mandala cardigan rainbow noro yarn circular needles

Ursule Urte Gaylard

knitwear designer, artist, photographer

My goal is to use my work as a canvas to convey the unique vibrations of each moment and capture the little things in everyday life, often unnoticed or forgotten. I draw my inspiration from Mother Earth, surreal dream-like states and intuitive visions. I believe that everything carries a distinctive energetic signature and can aid us in our growth and on our path toward self-love.


 Ursule means “little bear”, derived from a Latin word ursa – “she-bear”;

 Urte is derived from a Latin word urtica – “nettle”.

Knitting Patterns

I see knitting as a story weaved into the tapestry of life; the very special story that everyone can create with the vibrations of colours, texture and their own beautiful energy. Conveying the unique feeling and visuals of those stories through knitwear has always been and still is my greatest goal. And there’s nothing better than proudly wearing your own handmade clothing which is distinctive, attracts the eye and admiration of others and makes you feel one-of-a-kind that you truly are!

Flower Mandalas

Mandala is a spiritual symbol representing the universe. I choose each plant carefully and often add the motifs of sacred geometry, animal totems and ancient symbols to help deliver the message through my artwork. Most of my flowers are collected on or around certain Moon cycles and other celestial events; in my opinion, it helps to preserve the vibration of the event and give a flower more potent energy. I believe a Mandala can help establish a sacred space and aid with self-work, recognising and thus transforming the shadows of our unconscious.