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March 2017

Knitting for Relaxation

Recently I found myself overwhelmed by all the things on my to do list. The tiny projects in my head seemed much bigger and more time consuming in real life, plus starting a temporary job to help pay my bills left me with even less time for anything. Relaxation…

You are Perfect

Spring Equinox has come bearing gifts, and the one I carried with me all week is that we all are perfect in our imperfections. Our beauty wouldn’t shine as bright without the shadows dancing in the background; they are our teachers too, leading us to light..

You have the whole…

New Cycle

Spring is finally in the air, meanwhile subtle signs of morning frost still remind me of the promised winter that never came. Raised in a country where in the cold months  the temperature drops to 30 degrees below 0, I can’t help but feel slightly strangled by the absence…

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