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About Me

I come from Lithuania, a land abundant in forests, lakes and rivers, but very low on people. I moved to the wildly contrasting England almost a decade ago and still find myself forever in search of tranquility and peace within natural surroundings. The wilderness and animals are a big part of who I am and the biggest source of inspiration to me. I often explore local woodlands and the surrounding areas where I forage herbs, sing to animals and collect flowers for my artwork.

Many memories from my childhood shaped me into who I am today. I recall taking great pleasure in collecting feathers and amber pieces by the sea, nursing injured animals or sitting for hours completing jigsaw puzzles. When older I also loved watching my grandmother knit, and used to play around with my dad’s old film camera, until at some stage I began experimenting with herbal infusions to aid certain ailments.

I often find that the greatest joy in life can be found in the simplest of pleasures, such as sitting by an open fire after a long walk in nature. These kinds of things have always defined happiness for me, and as I’ve always been an extraordinarily sensitive person I find that my artwork helps me to balance and ground the intense emotions of my day to day life. I love combining all of my creative passions, so as to express the magic and duality of the energies I feel surrounding us. In doing so I wish to convey the humbling importance of the human-nature connection through my work.

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