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Knitting for Relaxation

Recently I found myself overwhelmed by all the things on my to do list. The tiny projects in my head seemed much bigger and more time consuming in real life, plus starting a temporary job to help pay my bills left me with even less time for anything. Relaxation was nearly impossible to find, as there are so many things on my plate at the moment. I started becoming really ill, loosing the inspiration and knowing of what I was supposed to do, and was left with the erased realisations I worked on for so long. I came to conclusion that life was trying to slow me down and I couldn’t carry on living with the scattered mind, so today I decided to take a day off for some self-care, and spend my time knitting just for pleasure (I haven’t done this in several months now). I find it very meditative especially if I am working with lots of colours; it brings me the feeling of colouring books or jigsaw puzzles I loved very much as a kid (still do!). The more technical and complex the knitting, the more joy it brings me! I hope it will help refresh my spirit and calm the mind.

What things do you find therapeutic, meditative and relaxing in your daily lives? Do you have a hobby that makes your inner child beyond happy? Please feel free to share it in the comments section as I would absolutely love to hear what helps you to enter your zen place! 🙂

Wish you a refreshing day! Ursule


My name is Ursule Gaylard, I'm a 25 year old knitwear designer, photographer, blogger and nature lover. In 2010 I left my home in Lithuania and decided to move to a foreign country to try and find myself. I ended up in England, where I graduated in Photography and launched my knitwear business - 'Where Bears Go'. A few years have passed and I realised that there is so much more I wanted to express, and this is how this website was born. Within this personal magical place, all of my creativity, soul and dreams are stored. I live in Bath together with my wizard husband and two cats who just decided to appear in our lives. We all love midnight tea and conversations about metaphysical and strange things and I hope this blog will inspire you to enjoy life to a point where weird is the new normal! Welcome to my Wonderland!