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Magic In Small Things

Magic Sunset Tree BlossomsWe had such beautiful sunny days here in Bath recently! I found my brain completely switched off, and realised that I have more heartfelt creativity to express than actual words in my head. I even remembered my Instagram account I’d created ages ago, so I will start using it to share some photographs if I don’t have much to say. At the moment the outer world feels so unbelievably hectic to me, that I find myself in stillness most of the time, just filtering through all of the experiences. For the past couple of years I’ve lived a pretty solitary life, but now I have all these beautiful souls entering my world. I feel the joy and excitement of connecting again, yet unfortunately I find it difficult to find time outside of work to do so when inspiration and creation are flowing. Luckily I have some amazing friends who don’t mind mixing their social time with my ‘creative madness’ as I like to call it :)

Watching The Sunset

Sunset On The Dead Tree

Me and my friend went on a woodland walk on Friday evening, and just about caught the last rays of sun. It was so beautiful! Incredible red tones in the sky created a dramatic background for all the trees which seemed to have been watching over us, quietly reminding us of their presence as the wind blew by; beautiful songs created by many birds all around us.. We sat down on a big dead tree and started catching up. It wasn’t long before we both ended up giggling; I felt truly like a child – connected to everything. We said our goodbyes to the day and sank deeper into conversations, while everything was slowly painted in dark and mysterious colours. Hearing the first owls of the night made me jump up in excitement and I quickly grabbed my camera. Inspiration was flowing and even my friend joined in the photo shoot. It was quite an adventure for both of us, filled with laughter, weirdness and magic. I feel very grateful to have experienced it.

Magic In Small Things Night Photography Fairytale

I hope the weather is treating you well wherever you are. Lot’s of love! Ursule


My name is Ursule Gaylard, I'm a 25 year old knitwear designer, photographer, blogger and nature lover. In 2010 I left my home in Lithuania and decided to move to a foreign country to try and find myself. I ended up in England, where I graduated in Photography and launched my knitwear business - 'Where Bears Go'. A few years have passed and I realised that there is so much more I wanted to express, and this is how this website was born. Within this personal magical place, all of my creativity, soul and dreams are stored. I live in Bath together with my wizard husband and two cats who just decided to appear in our lives. We all love midnight tea and conversations about metaphysical and strange things and I hope this blog will inspire you to enjoy life to a point where weird is the new normal! Welcome to my Wonderland!


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    Looks lovely! Where is this forest? Xx

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      Thank you! 🙂 It is close to where I live, on the outskirts of Bath. I wish it was more like a proper forest, it is quite small! xx