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Observation to Connection

Realisation is nothing without observation or action. You can have a powerful light bulb moment but if you let go of it, it can slowly fade away. For example, having an inner revelation, if you don’t observe yourself, what is happening in your body and what you are feeling – it can slip away. If you have an idea and do not act on it, it slips away.. I have even read somewhere that if someone who has an inspiration, an idea, but doesn’t act on it within 72 hours, they may lose it for good.

Today I woke up feeling exhausted. Completely and utterly exhausted. I worked a lot over the last few nights and didn’t sleep much for a couple of weeks, so I felt myself slip into staying in bed all day feeling. I looked at the cats cosily curled up on the bed, slowly waking up to the day. It’s possibly one of the cutest sights you can witness in the morning. And it really inspired me to do something nice for the cats, because they need love too! I remembered how much Luna loves playing and spending time with me in the garden and thought it was about time Gebo went out and explored the world. He hasn’t been outside at all since he was found ill and abandoned on the streets just after Christmas. I thought to myself ‘let’s go and do some gardening today‘ and the thought quickly warmed up my whole body and I smiled.

For a good two hours Gebo was climbing trees and enjoying himself, and Luna was keeping an eye on him, it seemed like she was fearing for his safety! So beautiful and inspiring to see the cats care for one another even though they tend to pretend that they don’t! 🙂

I am so happy I spent my morning with feline company – it really taught and inspired me to reach out to other people more, as we are all ONE consciousness even if we belong to different soul tribes. May you all reach out and have a beautiful weekend! Ursule 


My name is Ursule Gaylard, I'm a 25 year old knitwear designer, photographer, blogger and nature lover. In 2010 I left my home in Lithuania and decided to move to a foreign country to try and find myself. I ended up in England, where I graduated in Photography and launched my knitwear business - 'Where Bears Go'. A few years have passed and I realised that there is so much more I wanted to express, and this is how this website was born. Within this personal magical place, all of my creativity, soul and dreams are stored. I live in Bath together with my wizard husband and two cats who just decided to appear in our lives. We all love midnight tea and conversations about metaphysical and strange things and I hope this blog will inspire you to enjoy life to a point where weird is the new normal! Welcome to my Wonderland!