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In Search Of Happiness – Your True Essence

As you probably already know everything in life happens in cycles. We have seasons in nature as well as in our everyday lives. There are times when our energy and inspiration peaks, all we want to do is create. Times when we want the space for ourselves, and time when we want to be connecting. When we experience drought or winter season – we feel what seems like a never-ending fatigue and confusion of what we are here to do, and who we truly are. If you are like me, in those scarce times you are desperately seeking direction and answers. And through this search I think I have finally found mine.

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There were days when I truly struggled to even like myself, worthless thoughts would take over most of my brain, and really stupid, self-defeating beliefs would start dominating my life. I can’t even count the times I had conversations with other people about the lack of happiness you experience as you grow older – having joyful moments, but feeling hollow inside as they pass by. No one seemed to know the answer why and that really bothered me, I just needed to know if there was a way to change it all. And sure enough all the answers found their way to me, maybe because I never stopped asking myself: ‘what do I need to do to feel happy?’

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As I mentioned before, there are emotional, mental and physical seasons we are experiencing in our lives. We must honour them. If we do not take the needed time to rest, we can quickly burn out all of our energy, which then can lead to spiralling out of control altogether. Let’s put it simply – you would not expect a bear to be strong, healthy and rejuvenated without the hibernation period. You are probably laughing as it seems so obvious, but I have never met a person who wasn’t guilty of pushing themselves too hard, in one way or another. Even worse – expecting yourself to feel happy when you are not.In Search Of Happiness Your True Essence Nature Alone Woman Sunset

The quickest way to happiness is living your life by your true values. Sometimes coming to the realisation of what they are, mean changing your whole way of living. For example, if you come to the conclusion that one of your core values is spending time with your family, but you work so much that you can barely see them, you will most probably not feel happy at all. And how could you, when all that is important to you is not present? Your values are the true essence of happiness! I won’t lie, I had to rearrange all of my values. I came to understand that my core values are connection and freedom, but I realised I wasn’t living by them at all. I was desperately seeking complete isolation when all I needed was just a sufficient amount of time for myself. Since I was lacking it, I created a whole new reality believing that I just wanted to be on my own in the middle of nowhere whilst simultaneously found myself placing other people’s values and happiness above mine. Imagine if all of us would do that, we would all end up exhausted and unfulfilled! At the end of the day, we need to water our soul plants first, so we could grow, expand and share the seeds of light with others. Wish you all a beautiful day, Ursule


My name is Ursule Gaylard, I'm a 25 year old knitwear designer, photographer, blogger and nature lover. In 2010 I left my home in Lithuania and decided to move to a foreign country to try and find myself. I ended up in England, where I graduated in Photography and launched my knitwear business - 'Where Bears Go'. A few years have passed and I realised that there is so much more I wanted to express, and this is how this website was born. Within this personal magical place, all of my creativity, soul and dreams are stored. I live in Bath together with my wizard husband and two cats who just decided to appear in our lives. We all love midnight tea and conversations about metaphysical and strange things and I hope this blog will inspire you to enjoy life to a point where weird is the new normal! Welcome to my Wonderland!