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Spirit Of The Woods

Spirit Of The Woods Woman Touching Tree BranchAs long as I remember, woods never failed to surprise me with all of the stories trees have to tell. For so many decades they live and grow, so much they witness.. If you can quiet your mind for a moment, you may be able to feel the spirit within every inch of branch, every drop of sap, every trunk – a healing warmth that fills your heart and soul, and makes you feel whole. It’s as if you become part of nature’s growth! This to me is true magic; that which happens inside of you as you walk the forest paths. I witness its presence when I touch the bark of a tree, it breathes – like human skin. It is unconditional love that I feel, there is no judgement, in the woods I am finally free..

Healing Nature

I hope you find your freedom and inspiration this beautiful day. Have a good Easter everyone! Ursule


My name is Ursule Gaylard, I'm a 25 year old knitwear designer, photographer, blogger and nature lover. In 2010 I left my home in Lithuania and decided to move to a foreign country to try and find myself. I ended up in England, where I graduated in Photography and launched my knitwear business - 'Where Bears Go'. A few years have passed and I realised that there is so much more I wanted to express, and this is how this website was born. Within this personal magical place, all of my creativity, soul and dreams are stored. I live in Bath together with my wizard husband and two cats who just decided to appear in our lives. We all love midnight tea and conversations about metaphysical and strange things and I hope this blog will inspire you to enjoy life to a point where weird is the new normal! Welcome to my Wonderland!