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The Heart Of A Horse

I was woken up by bright rays of sunshine kissing my cheeks this morning, followed by a choir of birds. I have to say – this is the most incredible way to greet the day! I was working so much recently (too much for my liking) that I had…

Spirit Of The Woods

Spirit Of The Woods

As long as I remember, woods never failed to surprise me with all of the stories trees have to tell. For so many decades they live and grow, so much they witness.. If you can quiet your mind for a moment, you may be able to feel the spirit…

Knitting for Relaxation

Recently I found myself overwhelmed by all the things on my to do list. The tiny projects in my head seemed much bigger and more time consuming in real life, plus starting a temporary job to help pay my bills left me with even less time for anything. Relaxation…

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