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Spirit Of The Woods

Spirit Of The Woods

As long as I remember, woods never failed to surprise me with all of the stories trees have to tell. For so many decades they live and grow, so much they witness.. If you can quiet your mind for a moment, you may be able to feel the spirit…

Magic In Small Things Night Photography Fairytale

Magic In Small Things

We had such beautiful sunny days here in Bath recently! I found my brain completely switched off, and realised that I have more heartfelt creativity to express than actual words in my head. I even remembered my Instagram account I’d created ages ago, so I will start using it…

New Cycle

Spring is finally in the air, meanwhile subtle signs of morning frost still remind me of the promised winter that never came. Raised in a country where in the cold months  the temperature drops to 30 degrees below 0, I can’t help but feel slightly strangled by the absence…

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